Corporate consulting

  • Company formation and incorporation consulting and assistance
  • Definition of suitable corporate governance models
  • Consulting and assistance with contracts
  • Assistance in recording the minutes of Stockholders’ meetings, Board meetings and meetings of the Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Corporate law consulting: liability of Directors, issue of corporate bonds and other financial instruments, equity transactions and issue of particular categories of shares, stock option plans, extraordinary operations (merger, spin-off, transformation).

Corporate secretarial services

  • Keeping and update of company registers in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Role of secretary at company and board meetings and recording of the related minutes
  • On-line transmission of financial statements and other filings with the Italian Registrar of Companies
  • Assistance in issuing stocks, bonds
  • Assistance in issuing and safekeeping of smart cards
  • Domiciliation of companies

Board of Directors, Board of Statutory Auditors and Oversight Boards

Studio CMFC partners and professionals are members of the Board of Statutory Auditors, Board of Directors and Compliance Committee of companies and entities operating in various sectors

Financial intermediaries under art. 106 Consolidated Banking Act, Sim, SGR, credit institutions

  • Consulting regarding money laundering prevention obligations
  • Assistance in complying with the obligations established by the Supervisory Authorities
  • Assistance with internal audit and compliance activities