Corporate tax consulting & tax planning

  • Consulting in direct and indirect tax compliance
  • Tax opinion on specific issues
  • Assistance in determining Corporate Income Tax and Regional Tax on Production Activities and in preparing the related tax returns
  • Consulting for groups of companies with regard to cash flow management

VAT & Indirect taxes

  • Advice regarding VAT treatment of national and international transactions
  • Review of current company procedures with regard to management of VAT obligations
  • Applications for VAT refunds
  • Advice regarding registration tax and other indirect taxes

International taxation

  • Assistance in restructuring operations of Italian groups operating abroad or foreign groups operating in Italy
  • Optimization and regulatory compliance testing of intercompany cash flows and transactions

Studio CMFC cooperates on a stable basis with leading international correspondent firms in order to provide clients with assistance in overseas activities carried out directly or through subsidiary companies or branches.

Transfer Pricing

  • Preparation of the Master File and Country File according to the regulations issued by the Commissioner of the Revenue Agency on September 29, 2010
  • Advice on transfer pricing policies
  • Assistance in drafting the resolutions of company boards with regard to intercompany transactions
  • Drafting of intercompany contracts

Wealth and succession planning

  • Tax strategies for wealth ownership, management and transfer
  • Transfer of wealth
  • Trusts
  • Tax strategies for inheritance and donation taxes
  • Inheritance planning for optimization of tax, financial, statutory and ethical aspects and succession.

Tax litigation

  • Assistance during tax audits
  • Pre-litigation assistance
  • Assistance and representation in all phases of the process at tax offices, before commissions and civil and criminal courts of all levels in cooperation with leading law firms
  • Assistance in appeal procedures before the Tax Authorities

Tax Due Diligence

  • Compliance audit of M&A transactions
  • Determination of potential tax liabilities